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Someone once told us that we couldn’t change the world with a beauty salon. And they could be right, but around here we don’t like words like ‘can’t’. So, at THT we’ve set out to prove them wrong. How are we going to do that, you ask?

We at THT are a team of disruptors. Say goodbye to stuck up and boring salons of the past. At THT you can let your hair down (literally) and enjoy yourself. Whether that means a wild new colour, bold nails, or simply a whimsical photoshoot with our troll dolls at the photo wall, we don’t care. As long as you’re not taking life too seriously.

Whilst saying that, even though we don’t believe in taking life seriously, we DO believe in taking your treatments seriously. Our expert staff offer specialised, tailor-made and exclusive treatments for hair, nails, brows, lashes and more; using a specifically selected range of vegan, sustainable, and gluten-free products. Because here at THT we believe you can have it all, and while looking good and feeling great is vital, so is having a planet to live on.

Our treatments may be skin deep, but we know that true beauty isn’t. Though we’re determined to help you look like the absolute best version of yourself, what’s more important to us at THT is that you leave our salon feeling like the best version of yourself. We firmly believe in being champions of equality. THT is a home to women and girls of all age groups to be their true selves- whatever that may be.

Our services


Every hairstylist knows your hair is 80 percent of the selfie! With separate spaces for shampooing, colour, styling, and cuts, we promise you that not a single curl will be out of place when you leave THT, making everyone go ‘That Hair Tho’!


If you can’t grow it, sew it! Gentle on the hair, fitted in around an hour, our hair extensions not only look incredible, but they protect the hair underneath


Though we love living in the UAE, the reality is it can be harsh on your hair. Treat your hair and yourself to one of our nourishing THT treatments


We at THT offer all types of lash extensions treatments giving you the power to throw away your falsies for good.


Our expert team of brow experts are dedicated to perfecting the arch, colour and definition of your eyebrows.


We love perfection, and what better way to amp the glitz, but with a little bit of glam on your nails. We are so much more than smooth, luscious hair and curvaceous brows.


We offer Brazilian, designs, fully body waxing, facial waxing and all those other areas you’d rather not name.


Congratulations! There are so many things to think about on your special day but stressing about your hair and makeup shouldn’t be one of them.

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