Our co-founder Kate has been setting innovative trends in the beauty industry for nearly a decade.

After launching her career in L’Oreal Australia nearly a decade ago, Kate has spent the last ten years honing her understanding of the global and Middle East beauty trends. She was a key contributor at the Mercedes Benz Arab Fashion Week, Arab Fashion Council, and Riyadh’s very first ever fashion event.

Kate co-launched THT in a bid to create a safe space for women where they can express themselves freely. She aspired to create a truly unique space for the exuberant, courageous, and graceful women of tomorrow.

A fierce advocate for using sustainable, vegan-products, Kate also believes in giving back to society by empowering women to become the best version of themselves. With THT, she has built an institution that women can trust by building a team consisting of highly-skilled hair artists and beauty experts.

Kate says, “THT is a dream come true. The beauty industry is a forever changing one. There is never a shortage of new ideas, trends, and there is constant invention. We aspire to keep up these trends and launch new ones.”