THT Cares

We care about you. We care about the planet. It’s that simple. That’s why we’re driven to be Dubai’s foremost sustainable and cruelty free salon. For years the beauty industry has been harsh on the environmental world around it. At THT we’re doing our part to change all that.We source the best ethical, sustainable and cruelty free products and brands, so you can walk out of the door feeling good inside and out.

You’ll probably notice the giant human-sized bunny hopping around the place from time to time. Don’t mind her. Like the glittering superheroes we are (and you all can be too),we rescued her from a beauty product testing facility, in a country that for legal reasons we can’t name.

She might be cute and funny but she’s here to remind you of the actual realities of product testing on animals; which are not only cruel but have been proven redundant, as animal skin doesn’t react the same way as human skin. Not to mention that the unethical and unsustainable ways those harsh chemicals and animal bi-products are sourced and created is having a negative impact on the planet too. ​

Though chemically enhanced products and those that use animal bi-products may work in the short term, there are so many natural, sustainable alternatives on the market that nourish your hair, skin and nails from the inside. It’s a no-brainer to make the switch.

THT Supports

Here at THT we believe there should be no mystery in beauty salons. Getting a beauty treatment shouldn’t feel like you’re part of a detective novel. Our clients always feel comfortable walking in and out of the salon knowing they have all the information about their treatments upfront.