Hair Styling

It’s all in the name. We’re determined to give you hair so fabulous people stop on the street and say ‘Look at That Hair Tho’.

Let our expert team make your hair dreams reality whether that be with an edgy cut, bouncy blowdry, perfect curls or a colour that has POP. Life’s too short for boring hair.

Colour, colour, colour

We don’t shy away from the bold and we don’t want you to, either. We want you to experience hair colours like never before! Whether your style is subtle, sexy and natural or fearless pops of bright colour, our prolific team of hair artists will create a jaw dropping look for your luscious locks. We offer a wide range of naturally made hair colours that are sustainable, vegan and gluten-free.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to creating beautiful locks, but our stylists offer innovative lightening options to accommodate all needs. At the consultation stage, we ensure that the correct product and developers are used, based on your hair type and ethnicity.

Whatever you desire, we’ll work to find a look that has you strutting out of THT feeling like Beyoncé. We pride ourselves on having an eye for style and keep up with everything that’s taking the beauty world by storm. That means we’ll be sure to help you decide upon and polish your whole look. The THT team use all the latest techniques such as balayage and ombre while specialising in significant transformations, colour correction, highlights, root tints and much more.

We also provide an aftercare maintenance kit and product suggestions to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Hair Extensions

If you can’t grow it, sew it! Gentle on the hair, fitted in around an hour, our hair extensions not only look incredible, but they protect the hair underneath. Forget raggedy, obvious looking extensions- with the help of THT you could be the next Rapunzel… and no one will be any wiser!

Armed with over 15 years of experience in all matters of hair extensions, our hair extensions experts have mastered the fine art of hair extensions.

THT offers many different types of extensions including braid-less weaves, pre-bonded hair extensions, mini-link, tape extensions, nano-ring hair extensions, ultra-tip and micro-ring extensions. Wow. We know that’s a lot to take in, so feel free to come in for a chat about which would suit you best.

Our fitting is affordable and requires a re-fit only once every two months! All the carefully chosen extensions we stock also require minimum maintenance and are easy to look after. Phew!

With a multitude of subtle and natural or bold and vibrant shades available, your new extensions will be perfectly matched, toned and blended to your hair. Our range of extensions can be hidden, tied up and treated just like your own- giving you the lush, long locks you’ve always dreamed of without all the time and effort.


If you want life to be fun, you’ve got to dig your nails in! We offer everything from the perfect polish to the latest nail-art designs and the ultimate manicure and pedicure services. THT is the go-to place for the most luxurious spa treatments for your hands and feet. Our highly skilled and professional nail technicians provide services that keep the integrity of your nails intact. Put up your feet, breathe deep, and relax as our staff provide you with elegant, long-lasting and healthy nails.

We’re also proud to bring Lola Lee to the UAE a ‘10 Free’ product ensuring what goes on your nails has the least amount of toxic chemicals of any product available on the market, while still providing a huge range of colours and longevity.

Eyelash Extensions

Get the eyelashes of your dreams at THT. Armed with over ten years’ experience in eyelash extension and brow treatments, we at THT offer all types of lash extensions treatments giving you the power to throw away your falsies for good. Get the Russian volume, 3D, 4D and 5D lashes, cat’s eye, normal volume, LVL lash lifting and tint, to name a few. We particularly love using Nouveau Lashes as their awesome range is cruelty free.


Dare to bare with our friendly and supportive staff. Whether you’re a waxing pro or a first timer we’ll quite literally hold your hand through the process.

Our new Lycon Aloe Vera wax merges nature and science for top to toe waxing. It comes all the way from the lush shores of Australia and is completely vegan. Don’t think that just because it’s plant based doesn’t mean it’s not super tough. This product has incredible grip but uses the Aloe Vera to soothe your skin during the waxing process.

We offer Brazilian, designs, fully body waxing, facial waxing and all those other areas you’d rather not name. Lycon includes a cleansing and after care process which cleanses, protects, calms and restores. So, there’s no need to worry about ingrown or horrible rashes. Line is our in-house waxing specialist and will be sure to take care of you.


You may not know it, but your brows are pretty powerful things. Not only do they frame your whole face, but their shape and positioning can completely transform the way you look. Bad brows can make you look angry, or even worse- confused, before you even say hello.

Make sure you make the right first impression with THT’s skilled team threading, waxing and tinting your way to brow perfection. We also offer highly-personalised HD Brows treatment. This is a trend taking the beauty industry by storm which expertly takes care of all of the above.

Massages and Facials

Sometimes you just need to relax in the skin you’re in. That’s why we offer soothing and relaxing THT massages for tight and tense necks, shoulders, backs and full body. There’s reflexology too. Using coconut oil to replenish and hydrate your skin, this is natural luxury at its finest.

We also want that face of yours to feel relaxed and refreshed too. We offer sheet mask facials, eye and lip masques from Patchology, combined with cleansing and facial massage using Salt by Hendrix rose quartz rollers.


Though we love living in the UAE, the reality is it can be harsh on your hair. Treat your hair and yourself to one of our nourishing THT treatments and you’ll definitely notice the difference. Whether it’s smoothing, hair loss reduction, deep nourishment or pore cleansing, we’ve got something to suit you. Check out the full range of treatments here.


Congratulations! There are so many things to think about on your special day but stressing about your hair and makeup shouldn’t be one of them. At THT we tailor make the perfect package for your wedding, that covers your every need. Give the salon a call to discuss how we can help make you the best version of you.